Volatilityscore.com is owned and operated by Ravenlight Technologies LLC, a financial technology company based in Humboldt County, California. Our leadership team focuses on helping financial advisors understand a client’s risk tolerance to build suitable portfolios that clients need to invest successfully.

At volatilityscore.com, we strive to help advisors and clients build more trusting relationships by reducing the guesswork usually associated with financial risk-taking.

Benjamin Ebert, CEO

Ben is a co-founder of volatilityscore.com, CEO of Ebert Capital Management Inc, and co-creator of the Value Stock Score® system. Unsatisfied with the tools available to him as a registered investment advisor, Ben set out to build a better assessment for investors' risk tolerance levels. The end product, having been scientifically tested, provides clients with reliable, practical data that allows them to make more informed financial investment decisions.

As the owner of a registered investment advisor, Ben knows that a rigorous risk tolerance measurement system enables advisors and investors to make truly personalized, well-informed financial decisions.

Jason Osburn, President

Jason is the co-founder of volatilityscore.com and an entrepreneur involved in several successful startups and technology companies. Jason started in the streaming media business as co-owner of StreamGuys Inc. and has since become successful in several private equity ventures in the technology, spirits, and branded foods sectors. In volatilityscore.com, Jason sees not only a tool to help him understand his own risk levels, but also one that will benefit the investment advisor community as a whole.

As a successful, experienced investor, Jason understands the importance of assessing one's risk tolerance with any investment.

Nicholas Harris, CTO

Nick is a co-founder of volatilityscore.com, forensic programmer, and co-creator of the Value Stock Score® system. Seeing the value in Ben’s risk tolerance assessment form, but understanding how an automated version of the tool could help both advisors and investors, Nick set out to streamline the process electronically. Nick's platform enables investors to focus on their clients' success and not their paperwork.

As an experienced applications developer, Nick recognizes that advisors and investors should only concern themselves with risk tolerance levels, and never be hindered by mediocre tools.

Risk assessment that saves advisors time and helps clients better understand their risk profile.

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